Have a new case and need a break ?

Are you in a family trial or other political eco-system? Worried about losing your loved ones, time, money, or attention due to the lack of details?

As escalations mount in "family" law versus law cases, "180-degree" problems arise and eventually solidify. By nature diabolically "trash partying" the unrepresented, under-represented, and most vulnerable. So, if you're anxious or worried about the life wrecking coming, then safer and easier "360-degree" solutions, like Fast File Escape Parties, are just for you.

The goal is, number one, for every child to have a family.

Have an old case and need a break ?

Trauma inked in a deal without maintained accountability? Do you or a loved one have an old case with those sinking feelings of your reality no longer being able to provide what's written and agreed upon or ordered? While not being able to afford representation and desperately need old ink erased and something new written?

Or, are you afraid of scary negotiation tactics - like "criminal?!"

Have monumental child support and visitation contracts - like impossible?

Have children left wearing those terms - like concrete trickiest shoes ever?

Minor league schooled but need a PhD to have a fair voice?

Never heard of Clean Law Union (CLU)?

A Fast File Escape Party is just for you!

The second goal is for every parent to have open access to their family law while facilitating premium quality decisions.

Considering an Escape Party ?

Join thousands of others for "safe place" relief - a constructive escape party from all the heart wrenching, diabolically divisive pressures that often linger forever - old case or or new. Agents of change can now bring clean data to the forefront of policy. Instead of top-down, we're peer-to-peer and nuclear family reality-up. A breakthrough in family law, childhood safety and constructive justice at your table too!

The third goal is for nuclear family inclusion to be the rule too in life wrecks like high conflict divorce and/or deployment.

In 20019, a scientific breakthrough in the form of constructive child safety files launched at the Decatur, IL Chamber of Commerce Business Expo. Since then, STEM-based data has been routinely brought to the forefront of policy but rejected. So, why not enjoy a break and this brand new market of constructive "justice at your table" too?