FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I cancel my anger, case and other systemic motions I'm in?

There's "buyer's remorse" and then there's "filer's remorse."

At CLU agencies, filings are not final. Once you submit a filing request for hearing or decision, the "life in new motion" leaves your side, and your access to the world's most freedom-centric tools for families are activated. Whether the filing is brokered and is no longer exchanged, or your retainer fee with a contracting partner has expired and they cannot deal any more with filings, "filer's remorse" limitations are secondary. Please be mindful of this when purchasing divorce law services (we suggest you do a double-take or two).

What is this agency?

Prepend (add to the beginning of any open filing) with "Fast File" constructive child safety file practices for the duration (and/or intensity) of any family law versus family law docket, and together we'll try our best to remove or reduce your sinking paywalls, 3rd party digital walls, mechanical barriers, etc. and get (or keep) your nuclear family access.

In other words, when unrepresented people are placed in either a 10, 20, or 30-foot deep drain, then we'll help them inflate a Helium balloon.

How long will my filing take?

Fast Files and the organic grooming or cultivations you put in are immediate on your part; however, please note your support group and agents or agencies may take longer to help post or offer reviews in your circumstances.

If you retain with Bar Associates, you should email, mail or chat with validation letting you know how long your filing will take. You can also check your local case search host to see any updates.

If you partner/initiate with media or policy-making representatives, please allow their lag-times and schedules from their perspectives to post and review the filings. I

If you partner with New Departments or Venues, they set up mandated exclusive policies and procedures to handle your filings and questions. You can review their developing policies, practices and filing maintenance options flexibly available to you for future decision times.

Why Fast File?

When hurting in a divorce, you need life in new motion. Fast File agency is designed for lives in new motion. We believe conventional family law bar associations and law schools together have over-risked the common people in our own "family" law versus law exclusive courtroom and clerk machines / "government." "Family" lawyers and "family" law professors together incentivized arenas to sell unoptimized divorce contract terms, policies and proceedings. Protocols which of themselves are not forced or regulated to optimize when capturing truly innocent family people on the human scale. Unregulated freedoms to cast on more and more to these vulnerable individuals and often over-bearing psychological, social, emotional, and financial, and endless "pinch-points" at will. So they can market, receive grant funding, and practice directly to you over and over again more and more of the same at will. Even online search results now show "family", instead of surfacing divorce (unfamily) metrics are out of control.

Yet, we ought to also be able to access something on our community websites to get answers to your questions without signing up to purchase multiple obstructive and foreign (to common people) trade ads. For example, if your county clerk says, "I can't give legal advice," and then email a "proof of service" you created showing the back of the paper to then send to your adversarial, now they can say, "and you can Fast File" link-ability with your kids. This is why team CLU, a free and unincorporated association, created what's now known as our "Fast File Freedom" agency and tools.

In other words, when innocent, unrepresented parents are thrown off the tailgate 10, 20, and 30-times, and then pressed into social, emotional, financial, and psychological boxes, we'll help them inflate like Helium balloons and add glue to their life to protect themselves.

How does it work?

The idea is pretty simple, unrepresented parents priced or pushed out of the market want agents to index their nuclear family accomplishments and connectivity milestones so they show up in future informational search results greater than or equal to their negative clerk and divorce court results. Because those don't also show a paywall challenge, digital wall challenges, technology chances, or another such 3rd party language wall which could have also prevented those non-negative public records. We benefit families of the future rooting for their nuclear family roots at the same time because the conventional professional practices and college institutions will cache a copy of the "adult fighting file" agents every time they move accordingly. Whereas parents themselves will cache a copy of Child Safety File, or "Fast File" agents every time they make moves accordingly.

All this new information does is prime the freedom pumps of People, show you the metrics and unadulterated access points as an open-source, and promote peers bridging (or uplifting) the vulnerable peers from their depths (or compounded/battering obstacles) while in nuclear "family" systemic drains.

In other words, like a serving of vegetables along side servings of self-defeating cancer cells.

New Economies That Work for Normal People

Freedom itself diversifies Economically, Socially, Emotionally, Systemically, and Psychologically nixed people. Opening access to economics like digital currency, personal healing, system options, psychological newness towards freedom and/or avoidances.

In other words, like known paths of quick steps towards freedom and/or avoidances.

Transforming Personal & public data:

What's the future New Deals?

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