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Free RMX Safety Kit

Rescue Market X (RMX) Safety Kit includes: personalized child safety file folder, Certificate of Appreciation, Customization Session, Free Conventional Family Law Collaborations, Free Consultations, Sticker Pack, fun activities, and other rewards. Our principles speak for themselves and gives you freedom plus.

Thank you for filling out the above form and helping jumpstart next-gen stats where it matters the most - at home!

Free social, emotional and financial blueprints from being

unrepresented and muted, often overtaxed in the middle (OTIM),

to being represented and unmuted, often money in the middle (MIM).

Invest with us/you and yours.

Your donation will fund a clean data repository for all

OUR community childproof contract statistics and family sustainability data analytics,

while regular county seat buildings remain

OUR storehouses for all the risky contracts and family unsustainability data.

Join investing in families of the future today!

Finally, everyone gets to root for their roots!


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